1 November, 2015


The advantages and benefits of choosing CANADIAN CONTROL DEVICES  to supply your Inlet Control Device needs are many.

Since 1984, the simple, yet very effective design has proven itself time and again. Specified for use by engineers and widely used by sewer and water main constructors, our devices are simple to install and are cost effective, thereby making your bid more competitive.

Do your plans call for a specific device made by another manufacturer? ICDs are all about flow control. Our device may be an acceptable or superior substitute. Drawings of our devices can be made available for review by engineers.

Our ICDs are crafted with highly durable, injection-molded PVC. They are unaffected by gas, oil, or road salt.

Our Frame & Sliding Plate style ICD installs easily through pre-drilled holes onto standard bolt pattern, saving time and labour.

Because of its low profile, our device is much less prone to damage during catch basin cleaning. Other bulkier designs reduce the amount free space in the sump, leaving less clearance for cleaning equipment.

For times of sewer maintenance the sliding plate can be easily removed and re-installed from ground level using a hook.

The design of the CANADIAN CONTROL DEVICES ICD frame allows for drainage of sediment at base of plate. The absence of sediment accumulation in the frame channels allows the plate to be easily removed and then fully re-inserted afterwards.

Our Plug style, available for 8″, 10″, or 12″ pipe, installs easily with a friction fit. Larger sizes are available by special order.

We can create a custom size orifice to achieve a particular flow rate at a given head.

The customer is king. We at CANADIAN CONTROL DEVICES will go to great lengths to deliver great customer service. We keep good inventory of standard sized ICDs. Our goal is to ship your order in 3 business days or less.