1 November, 2015

About Us

Since 1984 CANADIAN CONTROL DEVICES have been manufacturing catch basin Inlet Control Devices. As a supplier of high quality Inlet Control Devices to sewer & water main contractors and their suppliers, our customers, both big and small, have come to depend on our consistent quality and high level of customer service and dependability. Our standard sized products can be shipped and/or delivered to the jobsite within days, not weeks.

The core of our business, and our most popular style, is the frame & sliding plate style Inlet Control Device. This proven design, made of highly durable injection-molded PVC, is unaffected by oil, gas, or road salt. The sliding plate, also unaffected by oil, gas, or road salt, is made of 10mm (nominal) Type I PVC. Plates are available with standard A, B, C, D, F, G, and H size orifice. Custom orifice sizing is available to achieve a particular flow rate at a given head. Our frames are supplied pre-drilled for a labour saving direct-fit to standard bolt patterns.

Our second most popular style is our plug style Inlet Control Device. Made for 8″, 10″, or 12″ pipe, the plug style is made with a slight taper for a friction fit installation. Plug style Inlet Control Devices come with standard or custom orifice sizes. Larger diameter pipe sizes are available by special order.

For specific requirements, CANADIAN CONTROL DEVICES can design and fabricate custom made units for round catch basins and manholes. Please contact us about your particular needs. We love a challenge!